(Poem) Look Alive

Make a move, you said
Couldn’t hear you past
the hair in your eyes
It seemed to always fall
At inopportune moments

It was 11am
The warmth of the lazy sun
Reaching our slippers
We both sip our coffee
Trying to forget
That love hurts

We had been at this for three hours
Going in circles
Making promises, promises
But in our attempt to dig at each other
We were simply throwing light grenades

Are you in? you asked
And in that moment
Of disheveled hair
I wanted to say I miss you
I don’t know where we went
But we were far from the good

I took another sip of coffee
That I didn’t really need
Closed my eyes
To remember your smile lines
The adolescents we had been

When I lay my cup on the glass table
The rays lit the cup, solo
As I had been for the last three hours
Just me in my slippers
Arguing with memories

Maybe you are in a nebula
It was still nice to know you

I walk away
Leaving the cup to catch the sun
Because I could use more light
Right about now
Pardon me
It’s time for me to make myself



Inspiration taken from one of my favorite bands. Can you guess who? Also, if you were to be inspired by your favorite band, what would you write? Leave a comment or Contact Us to submit your work–you may win a chance to be featured!