(Poem) Collab

What defines our bounds and rules?
And who defines our domains?
Throw our hands and act like fools–
Or drag the chains that remain?
Show them all the careless dance,
And bring them to unchallenged grace.
Make it all more than happenstance;
Embrace the resonance of this place.

What defines our dreams and desires?
And who defines our path?
If only we could grasph the fires
Without the burn of flames’ sure wrath.
Display your wings as if you could fly
But on the way down, you better be sure
Take in the laughing, happy people walking by
All the things you wish you were.

What if we define our limits?
What if our hands are our chains?
Is it the mirrored face that inhibits?
Think these thoughts in the moments that remain.
Tell of the life without inhibitions,
And the person you had been before
Let go of the ghosts that make your decisions
So you can be someone even more.

The whispers of the past enrapt
And you feel sickly at ease
But all you end up, is trapped
With the empty unwarmth of a melancholy breeze.

(Prompt) I learned–didn’t I?

The Time Is Now (from the awesome website Poets and Writers, https://www.pw.org ) offers free prompts every Tuesday, to help get your creative juices flowing or to challenge you to try something different.  So, every Tuesday we will be using their prompts to experiment and expand and have a little fun!  Feel free to join us every Tuesday, we’ll be doing the previous week’s prompt to let everyone have a chance to write something.  Leave a comment with your poem and you may be featured!  Remember to like and subscribe for more poetry prompts!

Prompt from 7/17:  Wholesome.

Think of something in your life that has been either physically or figuratively broken, fragmented, or made distant, and write a poem that attempts to restore its wholeness. How might you use the ideas of rejoining parts, searching for new openings, or creating connections for empathy, to write a poem that begins to make what is broken whole?

Not sure how
Somehow in my academic folly
A cursor became scary
And I thought myself a fraud.

Who is this trespasser
With her books and statistics
Are they looking down at me
Or am I supposed to step up.

They told me to break the wall
That they put in front of me
If it wasn’t hard, everyone
Would do it, right?

Not sure if I made the best choice
But here I am halfway up
And with every word I write
A brick falls down.

Surreptitiously, I rebel
Against the mantra
“All you are is this”
To keep my sanity,, heal my hurt.

I learned
I am not perfect
I am not the smartest in the room
That no reinforcements were coming.

I learned
I am my own enemy
I am capable
That it’s one step at a time.

Armed with the truth
The scientist is king
Armed with my truth
I can push forward.

Knocking down
Building up
One day the data will make sense
One day it will be significant.

Next week’s prompt:  Love Scientifically

(Poem) Broken Steps

Sorry I never told you
The words in my heart
All I wanted to say
Was strewn across years
I tried to pick them all up
To give them to you
But it was too late
They fell from my tiny hands

I thought there was time
I saw empty roads ahead
Turns out they’d be, indeed,
To be traveled alone
And it was in those lonely days
I picked up those words
I held onto them

I thought you’d still need them
Wherever you were
But what use are unspoken words
Thrown backwards forming
A trail of silence

All these years I thought
Maybe if you heard them
You’d reappear in my dreams
Tell me something I needed
And in that moment I’d be different

But now, I think those words
Were not love sonnets
Or important declarations
They were waiting to be wisdom
So I could live a better life
Without you

The problem is
The passage of time
Has wasted away the lines
And I cannot remember
What I had wanted to say

I guess I just miss
Who I had been
When I was with you

(Poem) Acknowledgment

We don’t hate you.
We don’t blame you.
In fact, we’ve probably
Known each other for a long time.

But I have to say it
With love in my heart
And fire in my veins:
You are acting out your privilege.

We know you’re full of respect
And openness
We are some of your friends, you say
Or family
Or coworkers
You don’t look down at us

But when you’d rather not be
About what we say
Seen, felt, lost, heard
When you say
“But not all…”
“But I’m not…”
“Oh but some of the protestors…”
You’re acting out your privilege.

We know there are bad apples in every tree
Including ours
We know there are good ones too
We know some people shout
And others speak calmly
But can you blame us
When nobody is listening?

So let me ask you:
Are your minutes of
More important
Than our fears of discrimination
Or worse–death?

You can shake it off
Go back to blending into the majority
That you will always be a part of
No matter where you are in this world.
Sadly we cannot do the same.

We know you have had it hard
We know we are blessed too
In many ways.

We are simply pleading for
About why your name may have better standing
And not mine
Why our features matter so much
Yet so little next to yours
Why we’re more likely to get trapped
In cycles of poverty
And everything it’s tied to
Why speaking up is spoken out against.

We just want you to think
About the privilege you benefit from
Right now
Whether tangible or not.

And if you say “But why me?”

It’s becausw we’ve already acknowledged
Our place, our privilege, our shortcomings.
We had to.
We’ve had plenty of time to reflect in our skin.
Now it’s your turn.

Because if you don’t
Acknowledge your privilege
You don’t acknowledge us.

And we’ll be acting out
The same drama in perpetuity.
Prompts: privilege.  What would you write given the same prompt?  Leave a comment or Contact Us to submit your work–you may be featured!

(Poem) Take Care

Take care of your soul
For your work cannot thrive
Will not oblige
If you cannot dance
Without cares of the world.

Take care of your soul
For your loves will all see
That you will deceive
If your fires ain’t burning
And your heart isn’t full.

Take care of your soul
For your life will be lost
Wrong purpose, what cost
That you’ll never get back
And you’ll feel like a fool.

Take care of your soul
For one day you’ll be done
Your body will be gone
Do you really want
To live with an unfulfilled you?


How do you take care of your soul?  Is it something you’ve been able to turn into a career?  If not, how do you make sure to prioritize it?  If you struggle with selfcare, tell us about it, you’re not alone!  Leave a comment or Contact Us with your original work and you may be featured on our site!


(Poem) Look Alive

Make a move, you said
Couldn’t hear you past
the hair in your eyes
It seemed to always fall
At inopportune moments

It was 11am
The warmth of the lazy sun
Reaching our slippers
We both sip our coffee
Trying to forget
That love hurts

We had been at this for three hours
Going in circles
Making promises, promises
But in our attempt to dig at each other
We were simply throwing light grenades

Are you in? you asked
And in that moment
Of disheveled hair
I wanted to say I miss you
I don’t know where we went
But we were far from the good

I took another sip of coffee
That I didn’t really need
Closed my eyes
To remember your smile lines
The adolescents we had been

When I lay my cup on the glass table
The rays lit the cup, solo
As I had been for the last three hours
Just me in my slippers
Arguing with memories

Maybe you are in a nebula
It was still nice to know you

I walk away
Leaving the cup to catch the sun
Because I could use more light
Right about now
Pardon me
It’s time for me to make myself



Inspiration taken from one of my favorite bands. Can you guess who? Also, if you were to be inspired by your favorite band, what would you write? Leave a comment or Contact Us to submit your work–you may win a chance to be featured!

(Poem) How High, You Say?

It’s not that we can’t fight
Or forgot how
Not that we’re not strong
Holding up our worlds
Theirs, yours, his, hers
With a smile on our face
And when you say “Jump”
We say “Sure, let me pencil that in”
Mostly happy to oblige
Struggling to keep our heads up
And the water reaches our waist
We shout “Stop! Wait!”
We taste salt
Something suddenly feels wrong
Don’t understand how
This love, this gift, this work
Became tainted
It’s not all our fault
But we cannot pass the blame
It’s a choice, it always is
And sometimes
When we lose the will to fight
We gotta figure out what’s wrong
Send an SOS
Put our pride away
To point at the lump in our throat
Acknowledge its existence
To know
Things may not be the same
Things will shift
We learn to hold the irreplaceable
Instigate the change
To put on our gloves
To float like a butterfly
To sting like a motherfucking bee
To change our life
Find the will
And when you say “Jump”
We’ll already be jumping
To the next stone
One day looking back
At all the stones we’ve crossed
All the fights we’ve fought

This poem was written during a stressful time, when I was going through a period of burnout. I ended up doing what was best for me and taking my self-care more seriously. I’m still at a point in my life where I’m struggling, but I appreciate the ending of this. It’s very me, ever the optimist.

What poem would you write, if you were in a dark place? If you were struggling? Leave a comment or Contact Us to submit your poem with a chance to be featured!

(Poem) Sing oh sing

That melodious tune
I heard it once before
Didn’t know I was listenin’
So I tried to ask for more.

You jumped, surprised
Who am I to impose
But your sweet song
Had me tappin’ my toes.

Turning your head
Took one look at me
Maybe you were scared
Decided to flee.

I wish you could understand
But I’m gibberish to you
So I lied myself down
In the hay and just mooed.

Prompts used: melodious, hay, took. What would you write given these prompts? Leave a comment or Contact us to submit your work–you may be featured!

To poetry or not to poetry? WAIT–YES.

She wasn’t born herself
she found herself
over a long
and treacherous road
and the more treacherous
the road became
the more of
she found.


Work in progress.

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