(Featured) Poetry

Poetry is my friend when all others have fled.

Poetry is my life in amongst all the endless strife.

Poetry is my day when the night begins to fade, and my night when the sun transforms itself to shade.

When I have nowhere to turn and my every step is blocked

When there are no more words to say but I cannot turn away

It is poetry that dries my tears and strokes my cheeks and holds me tight and comforts me.

It is poetry for me, the words and boundless grace.

Poetry. My friend my enemy my foe.

Vonita is a poetry-loving wife and mother, based in Sydney, Australia. Vonita’s other work can be found at https://movingtowardsthelight.com/. Her book, Passion Through Poetry, can also be found here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/vonita-buirski/passion-through-poetry/ebook/product-22522099.html