(Prompt) Wake Me Up

Come to my lips
When I’m feeling low
You’re my cheerleader
Rah rah rah, let’s go!
Hype me, invigorate me
Through my veins
Send electricity

Midday still by my side
Get me through workday slumps
My loyal assistant
You make life less rough
When you go down
A smile crosses my lips
You help me to function
And give me my bliss

I breathe you in
Dark and sweet
Your taste lingers with me
Penetrates deep
My warm, cozy blanket
Wrap me up one more time

The last sip of coffee
Always divine

Prompt: Persona Grata

“I walked abroad, / And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge / Like a red-faced farmer.” In an interview with Anselm Berrigan at Literary Hub, John Yau, winner of the 2018 Jackson Poetry Prize, talks about puzzling over the personification in these lines from T. E. Hulme’s 1909 poem “Autumn.” In what way does personification affect imagery in poetry? Write a poem that uses personification in a straightforward yet unexpected way. How does this kind of description enhance not only the perception of the object being personified, but also the idea of personhood and the narrator’s idiosyncratic perspective?

As I was writing this, coffee became a person…a supporter, a lover, a friend. I contemplated what picture I would put for this, and at first it was a cup of coffee. But then I realized that it would give people ideas before they read it, so I decided against it. A lot of my work has these “plot twists” and I love the emotional reactions they get. Thus, I left it for the reader to discover!

The Time Is Now (from the awesome website Poets and Writers, https://www.pw.org ) offers free prompts every Tuesday, to help get your creative juices flowing or to challenge you to try something different.  What would YOU do with the same prompt? Leave a comment with your poem and you may be featured! Also, remember to like and subscribe for more original poetry!

Next Prompt: Plant Life

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