(Prompt) Paint Me Like A French Girl

Twisted lid comes off
Two slender fingers move in
They slide out newly covered
Nude, smooth
Dragging matte
Underneath a tired right eye
Tired left eye
War paint
To hide the responsibilities
Marked on her face
Blended to build
A new facade
Of perfection

Prompt: The Little Things

How many times have you tossed away a used tea bag without a second thought? In an interview series for New York Times Magazine, author Emily Spivack asks artist Laure Prouvost about the use of tea in her work, and specifically about a tea bag she’s kept for fifteen years once used by her grandmother. “I like that you can look at something that seems like nothing, like a very, very boring object, but it’s got so much history,” Prouvost says. Choose an everyday object that seems unexceptional, perhaps something ordinarily discarded, and write a poem that delves into a deeper history that adds complexity or magical importance. How does taking an in-depth look give more value to an object?

The Time Is Now (from the awesome website Poets and Writers, https://www.pw.org ) offers free prompts every Tuesday, to help get your creative juices flowing or to challenge you to try something different.  Feel free to join us and to see what you can do with the same prompts! Leave a comment with your poem and you may be featured!

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