(Poem) Just another day, my liege

Prompt: King, Pepper, Steel

An odd harmony
Betwixt sounds of agony
and aggression
Backdrop to the dance
of death.

Beauteous, in a way,
How both sides
Stake their lives
On a single man they’re
Sworn to.

The long blade held up
With two confident gauntlets
Smoothly backs out
Having taken a poor lad’s life.

In the moment
Such like all others once ‘fore
The cacophony of steel
and screams fade
Each life deserving silence.

Absently, he licks his lips
As if the gods force him
To taste the sacrifice.
It’s sticky and warm and sweet
And accents his salt-and-pepper beard.

Behind this strong, noble man
Both virtuous and undoubtedly sinful
A perfect example
Of sadness and conviction.

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