(Poem) Predicting Life

I just want to be able to do it
The fact is, I don’t have the right time
The new update
The one way 
I’m not sure how to make a difference
I’m so tired but I think it’s time to go
Back to sleep
Now playing: the same thing over and over
Again, with their help
They have been the most important thing
The only thing
That makes me happy
When the sun goes down

The fact is, I can see the point
Where hell is going on and on
A lot of the day
I’m not sure how I feel
Like I’m going back
And I don’t have the best way to get the hang of it
But I think it’s time
To be the best
To be the first place in my life
I’m so excited to be able to do it


This poem was made using predictive text.  What could you come up with, using only predictive text?  Leave a comment or Contact Us and your work may be featured on our site!

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