(Poem) Unicorn

Majestic footfalls raise fairy dust
Along the horizon
Where refractions of light
Bounce off magical water droplets
Replenishing the earth
Bringing forth flora and fauna
As the spectrum of color
Acts as a backdrop
For the pristine, white beasts
Galloping in formation.
Heads tilt forward
Their pearlescent horns
Navigating their way.

The little boy
Squeezed tightly his father’s hand
Held his breath in anticipation
Of their ascent to the clouds
On the rainbow road.
The father looked down
Smile creeping on his face
Looking up again
At his troop of horses
He nodded in agreement.

Magical creatures,
They are.

(Poem) Just another day, my liege

Prompt: King, Pepper, Steel

An odd harmony
Betwixt sounds of agony
and aggression
Backdrop to the dance
of death.

Beauteous, in a way,
How both sides
Stake their lives
On a single man they’re
Sworn to.

The long blade held up
With two confident gauntlets
Smoothly backs out
Having taken a poor lad’s life.

In the moment
Such like all others once ‘fore
The cacophony of steel
and screams fade
Each life deserving silence.

Absently, he licks his lips
As if the gods force him
To taste the sacrifice.
It’s sticky and warm and sweet
And accents his salt-and-pepper beard.

Behind this strong, noble man
Both virtuous and undoubtedly sinful
A perfect example
Of sadness and conviction.

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(Poem) Fly

Spread your wings and fly if you want to
Soar above the clouds and dream again
Glide above the water and wish again
But don’t be afraid to fall on the hard concrete
That you will so surely meet
On your way down without your feathers
Without your net, but with all your tethers
For when you escape, you can fall right through it
And into another sky or ocean
Where escaping seems endless.

(Featured) Disassociation

I looked as the stars fell,

But I did not see them,

I listened for the screams,

But I did not hear them,

I searched for the answers,

But I did not find them,




They who do not understand,




Me a soldier of my own reality,




Self-absorbed as my world crashes around me,


It is not their world,

But there is where help lies,

Where the fallen stars plummet.

Author: navi.  “My writing reflects how I feel at that exact moment so I guess you can glean a lot from in between the lines if someone wanted to find something haha!” Check out their site here, for more poetry:  https://navisaidit.home.blog/

(Poem) Predicting Life

I just want to be able to do it
The fact is, I don’t have the right time
The new update
The one way 
I’m not sure how to make a difference
I’m so tired but I think it’s time to go
Back to sleep
Now playing: the same thing over and over
Again, with their help
They have been the most important thing
The only thing
That makes me happy
When the sun goes down

The fact is, I can see the point
Where hell is going on and on
A lot of the day
I’m not sure how I feel
Like I’m going back
And I don’t have the best way to get the hang of it
But I think it’s time
To be the best
To be the first place in my life
I’m so excited to be able to do it


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(Prompt) My Neurons Can’t Decide What to Eat

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7/31 Prompt: Love Scientifically

What can science tell us about love? Make your own discoveries by writing a love poem inspired by a scientific concept or phenomenon. For inspiration, consider Henri Cole’s “Gravity and Center,” Ruth Madievsky’s “Electrons,” or Sara Eliza Johnson’s “Combustion.” Name your poem after a scientific phrase you find by looking through a science textbook, website, or article. Search for material that casts unexpected light upon your love poem.

This prompt is interesting, specifically because my career field is scientific.  I am studying to get my second degree in psychology.  I also suffer from depression and anxiety, and I’ve done my best to normalize it.  It’s no big deal.  I don’t often write about it though, in my poetry.  It just tends to mirror how I feel–which tends to be apathy or sadness or hopelessness or not feeling right in my body.  So here goes!

Title:  My Neurons Can’t Decide What to Eat

No socks today
No more restriction
Tear off the sheets
It’s too hot in my skin
Sweat down my head
I think I’m leaking
Ideas, Wants, Needs
What do I need
Besides no socks?
I hear words
They bring tears
But I have no idea why
No tables today
Can’t get out of bed
Don’t want to sit up
But I’m so goddamn hungry
Please, eat something
It’s too salty, sweet, hot, cold
My tear ducts are dry
My only want is to cry
Breath is meaningless
Serotonin, norepinephrine
Going back in
Stop it brain, I need them back
I need them back please
So they can decide what to eat.



Next week’s prompt: Persona Grata

(Poem) And the Beat Goes On…

A life once lived cannot be taken
Memories can be forgotten
But the notes, chords, and songs
The lives entwined in them
Moments inked across the music sheet
Are timeless
A life dancing to Ella Fitzgerald
Is still there
Manifested in a shuffle and softly sung lyrics
Or in a simple statement
Probably repeated throughout her life
With a simple smile she says
I want to dance.